Geekery: Relative Stiffness and the Warmup (part deux)

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In that same presentation where Coach Boyle reminded us of the useful practice of stealing smart people’s stuff to use with our own trainees—the topic was conditioning (not to be confused with strength training)—he also posed the question: What if the way we’ve always done things is wrong?

When are you going to stop doing your PT exercises? (part two)

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So what about progression? In part one, we started looking at how injuries happen—since that’s how most folks end up “doing PT”. The focus was on tissue capacity. We looked at how that plays a role in injuries:

Getting Uncomfortable: My Movement Check-Up

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Recently, I went in for a movement check-up. Or you could say I returned to physical therapy. I think I would prefer to describe it as performance therapy. I first learned of performance therapy as “an integrated system of rehab, fitness and performance” at a seminar given by Mike Reinold and the team at Champion PT and Performance, here just …

My big takeaways from The Anatomy of Circus with Emily Scherb

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Last weekend, Emily Scherb—Physical Therapist for Circus Artist-Athletes and Anatomy Nerd Extraordinaire—was in Boston. That fact alone was amazing for those already acquainted with her awesomeness, however she took it up a notch and presented a series of workshops. I had the good fortune to attend a pair of her workshops: The Acrobatic Spine and Hip: At the Core of …

Exercises every circus artist/athlete should do: single leg hip bridge

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So, I spend most of my day looking at other people’s butts. Wait. That needs more context so it doesn’t sound incredibly weird:

Injury Prevention in Circus Arts: an approach we need to talk about more (part three)

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The Performance Continuum In many sports, particularly at the higher levels, there exists a continuum of care, so to speak. At one end, we have an athlete’s entry point: the sports medicine team (orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors). They are the ones who perform the initial assessments and screens. From there, they hand the athlete off to the strength and …

Injury Prevention in Circus Arts: an approach we need to talk about more (part two)

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Functional movement represents the basic foundation for long-term health and performance in any athletic endeavor (and, I would like to suggest that living as a human counts as an athletic endeavor). It is also a term that is wildly misused and misunderstood and has become tragically buzz-wordy in the fitness world.

What’s next?

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On the surface of it, I am a strength and conditioning coach and my role is to make sure the athletes I work with develop, maintain and build balanced and strong bodies as a means of improving their performance. Get Circus Strong is a strength and conditioning resource for circus artist-athletes because circus arts are physically demanding and the way …

Women are awesome: reflections on the 2016 American Circus Educators Conference

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At the beginning of this month, I was fortunate enough to spend an inspiring five days at the American Circus Educators Conference in San Francisco. It was graciously hosted by Circus Center and AcroSports and organized and artfully and impressively realized by the team of superheroes that is also known as the ACE Board of Directors along with their amazing …

Things that have me rethinking flexibility, mobility and stretching: breathing for better circus

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Let’s begin with a brief recap of part one. Stretching can be an effective way of improving flexibility. (Sort of). Of course, by stretching, I mean static stretching where you hold a stretch for 30 to 60 seconds. And by effective, I mean that if you do it regularly, over time, you will see a modest increase in the passive …

Stretching: finally, some clarity

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I’ve been sitting on this thought for months, so this post really is overdue. After all, the literature review was published way back in January and it’s already May. Remember that New York Times article that made the rounds (and may well continue to do so) on the Book of Faces and other social medias? Remember how that played a …

Stable Hips for Circus

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One of the more common movement pattern limitations is the Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR). In the Functional Movement Screen, this particular screen reflects the ability to raise one leg while keeping the other steady. This requires a combination of active flexibility of the hamstrings and calves and hip mobility along with the ability to maintain pelvic and core stability. In …

One for the teachers: thoughts on duty of care

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In the time since I left trapeze school, I’ve had some incredible ‘continuing education’ experiences in strength and conditioning and I’ve also been spending my days working as a personal trainer at a gym. It’s one of the best ‘corporate’ gyms I’ve ever encountered and I’ve learned A LOT. My heart still belongs to circus though, so pretty much everything …

Stretching: down the rabbit hole

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What’s exciting to me about circus is that it has so much potential to be a journey of self-discovery. Everyone starts in a different and unique place–not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. And from there, we explore and discover new possibilities. Everyone gets to approach and play with their limits–their current limits–and engage in the adventure of testing them, challenging …

Manifesto 2016: ch-ch-ch-changes

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It’s been way too long since I’ve posted. It’s time for that to change. In fact, many things are changing and I’d like to tell you about them. But first, a story: Not too long ago, I was at a party. All good stories start this way. At this party, I found myself involved in a conversation that started this …