Strength Training for Circus: 3 reasons to add weight-training to your circus training (part one)

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An athlete should possess: Specific strength necessary to perform the skills/combinations/routines they are aiming to do A solid level of general strength It’s not always sexy. It tends not to be what people are interested in (until they get hurt…then this conversation is easy to have). But, to be perfectly honest with you: I’m always thinking about the foundation.

Squeeze your glutes! But what if you can’t squeeze your glutes?

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Recently, a friend’s post sur les médias sociaux began an important conversation about quality coaching and quality movement. It started with an open letter, of sorts, from an aerial instructor to the aerial students of the world: if you’re performing skills or movements inefficiently, using the wrong muscles, then you can expect the result to be an inefficient movement/skill that may or …