Geekery: Relative Stiffness and the Warmup (part deux)

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In that same presentation where Coach Boyle reminded us of the useful practice of stealing smart people’s stuff to use with our own trainees—the topic was conditioning (not to be confused with strength training)—he also posed the question: What if the way we’ve always done things is wrong?

Strength Training for Circus: 3 reasons to add weight-training to your circus training (part two)

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An athlete should possess: Specific strength necessary to perform the skills/combinations/routines they are aiming to do A solid level of general strength I’ve added Rupert Egan’s slide to the start of part two as a reminder: your foundation is important. It is perhaps the key to long-term health and injury reduction …and to being able to do cool stuff in circus. …

Exercises Every Circus Artist/Athlete Should Do: Bear Crawls

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In case you missed it on Instagram…before I accidentally deleted it, here’s another installment of “Exercises Every Circus Artist/Athlete Should Do”. View this post on Instagram Exercises Every Circus Artist-Athlete Should Do: Bear Crawl!⠀ —————————– Bear crawls are packed with goodness! ⠀ ⠀ * Rotary core stability and control ⠀ * Dynamic scapular stability and control ⠀ * Serratus activation, …

A Rant/Not A Rant: What is “Functional”?

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We (meaning me; I) interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a rant. Wait, it might not be a rant. (Actually, it might be…I’m either going to rant or ramble. I can’t quite tell just yet.) I frequently find myself in conversations with other trainers and coaches, nerding out about what we do. Often times, I like to start those conversations …