Injury Prevention in Circus Arts: an approach we need to talk about more (part three)

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The Performance Continuum In many sports, particularly at the higher levels, there exists a continuum of care, so to speak. At one end, we have an athlete’s entry point: the sports medicine team (orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, chiropractors). They are the ones who perform the initial assessments and screens. From there, they hand the athlete off to the strength and …

What’s next?

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On the surface of it, I am a strength and conditioning coach and my role is to make sure the athletes I work with develop, maintain and build balanced and strong bodies as a means of improving their performance. Get Circus Strong is a strength and conditioning resource for circus artist-athletes because circus arts are physically demanding and the way …

Manifesto 2016: ch-ch-ch-changes

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It’s been way too long since I’ve posted. It’s time for that to change. In fact, many things are changing and I’d like to tell you about them. But first, a story: Not too long ago, I was at a party. All good stories start this way. At this party, I found myself involved in a conversation that started this …

The Desk Job Double Cross, Part Two: Why Sitting Is Horrible For Flying

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We’ve been hinting at it for a long time now. Some of us have even gone so far as to say it outright. My guess is that many of my instructor colleagues will read this and, possibly quietly to themselves but more probably out loud, they’ll say ‘it’s true’. It’s really a rather straightforward idea, yet so many seem to …

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The Desk Job Double Cross, Part One: Why Sitting Is Horrible For Flying

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Here’s a fun paradox for you: one of the main goals of this blog is to provide you, dear flyers and aerialists, with some knowledge that will, ideally, lead to you becoming more aware of your body and how it works so that you might learn how to take better care of it as you pursue your ever growing passion …

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